Troy Lovegates (aka OTHER)

Country Canada

Troy Lovegates, once known as Other, began to make his presence known in the North American boxcar pool. Working with conventional oil bars used by previous generations, Troy applied not only black or white when he drew, but used both to create distorted, well-rendered characters. What made Troy’s work really stand out was the textured faces achieved by shading using only his fingers. Inspired by the rails, they are unlike anything else. As Troy remarks, “Trains are amazing like that. All that work and history just fades into oblivion. It is hearsay. Bonfire tales and great stories off into the night air.” – Austin McManus via Juxtapoz

Canadian boxcar rider and artist Troy Lovegates (OTHER) has traveled the world on freights and foot from town to city many times in the last three decades, sleeping where he collapses, drawing where he lands. His characters show the wear and tear of life as if they have travelled greatly, if not physically, then perhaps psychologically or emotionally. Their clashing color patterns, piercing planes, and misshapen angles are complemented by stoic, exasperated, exhausted, unnerved, and wistful countenances – each negotiating their way through a world full of challenge. Now known for his illustrations, murals, mixed media, and sculpture work on the street and in the gallery space, there really is no other like OTHER.

Current and Previous Works by Troy Lovegates (aka OTHER)

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